Our story

Hello! I'm Janelle, founder of Fusion Fit Foods™ - who I sometimes call F3 for short. :) Thanks for stopping by! 

So, why did I start F3?

While working as a personal trainer and nutrition coach for many years, it pained me when a few of my clients confessed to me they "cheated" on their healthy eating plan, with cravings for high sugar and sodium snacks, which resulted in them gaining weight rather than losing it.

They inspired me to create a snacking solution that was delicious and nutritious to satisfy both their inner foodie, while aligning with adopting a healthier eating lifestyle. 

Because protein is essential in muscular development and repair in the body (and a powerhouse macronutrient that satisfies hunger for longer) I knew creating a healthy protein-rich snack was part of the answer. After taking a deeper dive into holistic and nutrition studies, I also created and tested ways to make comfort foods traditionally with high amounts of SOS ingredients (sugar/sweeteners, oils and sodium) healthier in nutrients but without tasting healthy, if you know what I mean! 

Our very first signature creation - organic protein bites - made its debut in early 2019 in various pop-up markets and local events across the Greater Toronto Area. We rode the wave of people's positive vibes and feedback of our protein bites, and who connected to the #liveyourbestfitfoodie lifestyle. So by the summer 2019, Fusion Fit Foods was officially born!

So what's different about our organic protein bites? We're similar to "energy balls", but elevated — made with higher grams of protein per serving (ranging from milk, plant or vegan proteins), added with superfood and adaptogenic ingredients, and all made with a hybrid of Caribbean and Asian herbs and spices. 

At F3, we provide alternative snack solutions to everyone who values healthy snacking. And the desire to satisfy the inner foodie who's inside all of us, with a sense of culinary adventure. 

Welcome to Fusion Fit Foods™ ...where you live your best fit foodie life!